Ready * Set * Go


About the name, welp, we are the Saintcross family, yup, that is our actual last name, so I thought it was a clever site name, hope you agree, if not, erm, well, it’s a bit of a pain to change my blog name so

We have been blessed to be able to travel throughout our lives, it’s not for everyone, we understand that very well. I know people that wouldn’t think of packing themselves into an eighteen inch seat for a few hours, much less thirteen. And the expense. We sacrifice a lot to travel, we take advantage of points, frequent flyer miles, upgrades, shoulder season travel, and saving. My husband travels a grueling amount with his job, so he earns a lot of these through hard work.

My family waiting to get blasted in St. Maarten

An introduction to my tribe

Mike and I have been married 29 years as of 2019 and because we travel together I guess we have seen just about the worst of each other, and yet here we still are. Mike works in software sales and I am on a semi-permanent hiatus from my job as a local insurance agent.

We live in a glorious part of The United States, full of verdant fields, deep leafy woods, and clear cold springs, it is incredibly lovely here, but we do still like to wander.

My sweet little Minni, a rescue of unknown breed, but mostly looking like a small Corgi, keeps me company while I type away. She was part of a larger pack that included the late Max (A real Corgi) and the late Mr. Pork Chop, an American Staffordshire Terrier that thought he was a Corgi.

Our daughter, 33, resides in Brooklyn, where she lived for seven years prior to moving to London England for a two year stint abroad with her company.

My Grandbird Howard

She roamed around many countries while living in Europe, sometimes with us, sometimes alone, most times with her amazing, adventurous group of friends, and really, mostly for the Whisky.

Although we are happy she is back on the East coast with her tiny dragon, (A snooty parrot named Howard), we know she is just waiting for the next adventure to present itself.

When he’s not making haircut tutorials on YouTube, our Middle child, 27, travels the World. He goes wherever the wind and rails take him. Preferring to travel to destinations that most people can’t place on a map.

But mostly he bases himself in London where his wardrobe of all black clothing fits right in.

We are his home base, and he is happy when he is home, but we know that it doesn’t take long for him to get restless and so we are not surprised when he starts to pack his bag.

Our youngest son, 25, is a full time college student currently back at home while he finishes up his Computer Science degree. 

An incredible athlete, excelling in both American Football and Rugby, he is also our homebody, preferring a good book to a passport. Travel is not quite his favorite thing, although he will get on board for very special occasions. 

We’re grateful to him for being a great third parent to our Minni dog, even if he does let her on the couch when we’re gone.

I firmly believe that not all travel has to be to an exotic place. America is a big, beautiful, diverse country. Go out and explore it, visit with your family, look up your old neighbors, see the Redwood forest, splash in the Chesapeake Bay, hike the Grand Canyon.

Go, it’s all out there waiting for you.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I appreciate that you have taken the time, please let me know if you have any thoughts on what I’ve written.



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